Welcome to Phoenix Karate Club

Welcome to  Shotokan Karate Club
We are a fully affiliated member of the MSKF ( Midland Shotokan Karate Federation)

Karate for all ages and abilities

Phoenix Shotokan Karate Club offers all ages groups and abilities a great way to get in shape and to learn a martial art

Experienced Instructors

Meet our experienced instructors, Neil, Darren and Bill – who will make your Karate journey a pleasure

Phoenix Karate Club

The word Karate means “empty hand” – Kara meaning empty and Te meaning hand

GT Tyres and Phoenix Shotokan Karate – The Winning Team!

About Rugeley Shotokan Karate Club

Welcome to Shotokan Karate Club, we are based in Rugeley, Staffordshire and are an affiliated member of the MSKF.

Our Karate Club was formed in 2012 by a group of like minded enthusiasts, who regularly practice Karate and wanted to pass on their knowledge and  skills to a new audience.  Phoenix Shotokan Karate Club teaches Karate to people of all ages and abilities and is a great way to get in shape and to learn a martial art.

We are a family friendly club and welcome families to train together, we actively encourage parents to view training sessions and encourage their children.

Karate Training


7.00pm – 8.30pm

The Pavilion, Lea Hall Welfare Club

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Meet Phoenix Shotokan Karate Sensei

Karate Instructor: Neil Willets
Sensei Neil Willetts

I started my Karate adventure in April 2004 at Lea Hall Shotokan Karate Club, where I entered several MSKF Karate competitions.

I was successful in competitions and easily progressed through the grades, from White belt to achieving 1st Kyu Brown belt in 2009.  I followed this through and with extreme training and dedication I passed 1st Dan in 2012 and later went on to achieve 2nd Dan.

During my time at Lea Hall Shotokan Karate Club, I learned many things such as knife techniques, traditional Kata, self-defence techniques and discipline.  In 2012 I left Lea Hall Shotokan Karate Club to broaden my knowledge in Karate and trained for a short while at other Karate clubs including Great Wyrley Karate Club and Brereton Karate Club.

Present day I teach Karate at the Phoenix Shotokan Karate Club where I enjoy teaching students of all ages and abilities.  I still enter competitions where I have recently won a 3rd place Bronze at the Karate Sport England Kata Comp.

Sensei Bill Davis

I started Karate training when I was 29 though I originally started my training in freestyle kickboxing.  I then furthered my Karate training at a Wado Ryu Karate Club in Burntwood and also took up Wing Chun Kung Fu at a club at Pye Green.

I joined a Karate club at Armitage run by a new Sensei to the area Phil Snewin.  Phil had been taught a little known style called Kamishin Ryn Karate Do.  I trained with Phil for 10 years and passed my instructors course in 1996 and then continued and took my Shadan grading in 1997.

After injuring my back, I had to stop training for seven years until I had recovered enough to further my Karate training.  Once fully recovered I was eager to continue with my Karate training and development and I sought out Phil who I had trained and studied under previously.  Phil no longer trained in the area and I approached Sensei Tino and Sensei Kaz at Lea Hill Shotokan Karate club.  I was pleased to continue my Karate development at Lea Hall Shotokan Karate club and I achieved my 2nd Dan Black Belt, Nidan, in 2007. I trained at Lea Hall Shotokan Karate club for just over 4 years.

I was invited to return to train alongside Sensei Darren and Sensei Neil under the guidance of Sensei John Hill in a new club they had formed called Phoenix Shotokan Karate Club, and this is where I teach Karate today.

Karate instructor: Bill Davis

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A Short History of Shotokan Karate

The two Chinese characters KARA and TE make up the ideographs in Japan for the word Karate, and this denotes that it is of Chinese origin. It appears that this evidence points towards the face that Karate was practised in China first before it was ever practised in Japan or the Ryukyu Islands.

It is known that, in the sixth Century, and Indian Buddhist Monk, Bodhidharma, journeyed from Asia to China. His role was to establish the Zen School of Buddhism.  Bodhidharma travelled to the Shaolin Temple, where his teaching began. Many of the monks were very weak and found such physical exercise too exhausting.Bodhidharma devised a training method that would assist the monks both physically and mentally so that they could continue their Zen practice.

The word Karate means “empty hand” – Kara meaning empty and Te meaning hand. It is an art, which teaches its students self-defence by using their arms and legs as controlled weapons.

The master behind Karate was Gichin Funakoshi. He was born in Shuri, Okinawa Prefecture in 1868. It was whilst he was lecturing at the Okinawa Teachers’ College that he was given the opportunity, in 1922, to lecture and demonstrate his art of Karate. The event was sponsored by the Ministry of Education. After such a demonstration, Funakoshi received a multitude of requests for him to teach in Tokyo.

In 1936 Funakoshi formed “Shotokan”, a true landmark in Karate’s history.

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